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Water-proof connector

□ 1xplug
□ 2xsocket
□ With IP68 water-proof lid before connecting for safty and to protect 





The 1st, 2nd, 3rd code represent the cable class, e.g. H03, H05, H07….
The 4th code represent the material of cable outside, R represent RR, N represent RN.
The 5th, 6th code represent the quantity of pin, e.g. 2pin=2P, 3pin=3P
The 7th,code represent the diameter of cable,0.5mm²=1, 0.75mm²=2, 1.0mm²=3, 1.5mm²=4
The 8th, 9th  code represent the description of connector in both cable ends  A=plug B=socket  O=Open end
The 10th,11th code  represent the cable length e.g. 2m cable=02,10m cable=10