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B4SB0619 RGBW LED Fountain Light


Central Ejective RGBW LED Fountain Light

                         Housing:  Hard chromeplated molding shaped
                                          stainless steel SUS 316L #
                    Front cover:  Hard chromeplated stainless
                                          steel SUS 316L#
                Light Window:  Step tempered glass.T=8mm
                           Gasket:  Silicone gasket
                   Cable gland:  IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated
                               PCB:  Excellent heat conductivity aluminum.
                                          coefficient of heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk
                     LED Driver:  Constant Voltage Input,

                                          Constant Current Output
                  Power Cable:  H07RN-F 5X1.0mm2 L=3.0m
    BUILT-IN OVERHEAT:  Automatic Shutdown at 75°C

Application environment:  Temperature of water between

                                        -20˚C~40˚C less than 1 meter depth.